CAFE JACQUES...The name derived from a coffee that had a little eastern additive,kindly provided to the band by a friend called Jim in an Edinburgh student flat...The band formed in Edinburgh, December 1973 by CHRIS THOMSON (guitar, vocals) and PETE VEITCH (keyboards,Violin) gathering around them an assortment of players and singers that grew to a seven piece, they soon had a considerable local following! After a partially successful joke entry in the MM Folk Rock Contest of 1975 (They came 2nd to Deaf School)Chris & Pete decided to turn fully professional. They broke up the social seven piece and replaced them with drummer MICHAEL OGLETREE and bassist GORDON HASTIE (who left not long later) Around Christmas 1975 the revised band entered negotiations with CBS and finally signed in April 1976.After a lot of demoralising let downs and false starts in pre production due to CBS not understanding or appreciating what the band were about, Cafe Jacques finally made 2 albums (Produced by RUPERT HINES) ROUND THE BACK - 1977 (with US chart success & had PHIL COLLINS on drums and encouragement) and INTERNATIONAL - 1978, they have tour'd with the likes of PAT TRAVERS,THE KINKS,STEVE GIBBONS BAND & SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY and made an excellent name for themselves as a "Live Band" going against the flow of the "New Wave of Punk" But around 1978 and due to many reasons (mostly record company related) the band called it a day! Original members MICHAEL OGLETREE now lives & works in America,CHRIS THOMSON is still based in and around Edinburgh, but tragically PETER VEITCH sadly passed away in 1990! But remember Cafe Jacques demand respect, not just for being true to themselves, at a time when musically they were out of kilt with the punk revolution that was going on all around them.......But for making quality music that has endured the test of time and is now being re-discovered by a whole new generation! ......So much so, that in 2010 CHRIS THOMSON has recruited bass legend CHRIS GLEN from the SENSATIONAL ALEX HARVEY BAND / MICHAEL SCHENKER GROUP JOHN MARTYN to help update the bands sound,So along with Mr STUART CLYDE (Keys) & DAVIE (HOO-HA) HALLEY (Drums) CAFE JACQUES have resurfaced, and in July 2010 Cafe Jacques started rehearsals for the FRINGE BY THE SEA festival, which was a terrific success. and now with new recordings and gigs, its an exciting time for the band!



CHRIS THOMSON - Guitar / Vocals
Chris is the only original member of Cafe Jacques who Formed the band in 1973 with original keyboard player Peter Veitch....They signed to CBS Records in 1976.And with drummer Mike Ogletree they recorded 2 albums (Produced by Rupert Hines) "Round The Back" 1977 and had US chart success with Phil Collins guesting, and "International" 1978, But later that year and due to many reasons the band called it a day!...But In 2010 and sparked by renewed interest with the reissue of both albums,Chris has returned to the Cafe Jacques project....with the aim of updating things.......Just A little bit!

CHRIS GLEN - Bass - B Voc
Best known for being the quintessential bass player in Sensational Alex Harvey Band and The Michael Schenker Group as well as The Ian Gillan Band & John Martyn (among many others)..Chris has been in the music business for well 0ver 45 years,and is a long time pal of CT. The musical collaboration is intended to entertain as well as impress ... Chris also has his own project "Chris Glen and the Outfit"...Chis is affectionately known as "The Boss Of Bass" and when it comes to the bass he is indeed the boss...If you don't believe me?....Then just ask him!

Studied at Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama...And has been in several bands over the last 20 years inc.
Emergency Exit - Tequila Masque - Glasgow - Abel Ganz - Scandal...Keep a look out for Stuart doing his keytar solo.....well worth the cost of a ticket!

DAVIE "Hoo-Ha" HALLEY - Drums - B Voc
A well known face in the Glasgow music scene...Davie has been in involved with many bands inc Gallus Cooper - Glasgow - Passionate Friends...Davie has just made his acting debut in the movie "McGruder and the Loch Ness Bone"
along with fellow band members Chris Thomson & Chris Glen.....Don't ask..Its a long story!